AGAR Florprep - 5L

Florprep - 5L


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AGAR - Florprep - Scrub-Back Detergent - 5L

Florprep is brilliant at what it does - a focussed and highly effective cleaner specially designed for scrubbing back floor sealer films prior to recoating with more polish.
Correct use of Florprep for repeated re-coating cycles can dramatically extend the period before a full strip is needed, saving on labour, chemicals and waste solutions over the life of the floor.

What's In It?

Grease-cutting solvents, polish removing agents, surfactant blend for attacking dirt and fatty soils, builders for suspension of soil, water. Supplied as a concentrate intended for dilution prior to use.

How Does It Work?

Florprep is a concentrated cleaner especially formulated for scrubbing-back floor polish films prior to recoating. Before a floor is recoated with fresh polish, it is vital that all traces of dirt and spillages are removed so that dirt is not trapped under the new coating. Often, the topcoats on the floor will also have been scratched up and these worn coats should also be “cut” off the floor, leaving a clean, smooth base for the new coats to go over. According to the condition of the floor you can adjust the cleaning intensity and amount of ‘cut back’ by varying the dilution rate. Florprep is the best product for successfully achieving this goal.

How To Use It

  1. Firstly sweep up any dry soil and dust, and remove spillages so there is no remaining dirt which could be trapped under the new coating.
  2. By regulating the dilution rate and pad colour, it is possible to scrub back lightly, moderately or heavily, to suit the condition of the floor and the desired end-result.
  3. Dilute as follows:
    • Light scrub: 1 in 40, Red or blue pads
    • Moderate scrub: 1 in 30, Blue or green pads
    • Heavy scrub: 1 in 20, Black pads
  4. You can cut-back with Florprep using either a swing buffer or an auto-scrubber, equipped with the appropriate coloured pads. This can be done instead of the usual daily clean.
    1. SWING BUFFER: After mopping the solution onto a pre-determined area of the floor, use the swing buffer to scrub the floor evenly and thoroughly.
    2. AUTO-SCRUBBER: Fill the supply tank with a diluted Florprep solution, and proceed to scrub the floor slowly laying plenty of solution. If the floor needs a heavy scrub, you may lay the solution with the squeegee raised/vacuum off, and then return to scrub again and collect the solution a few minutes later.
  5. Give the floor a final rinse to remove all traces of the dirt and old polish removed by the process.

Where To Use It?

Floors sealed with Agar water-based acrylic floor sealers which are due for re-coating.
It doesn’t really matter what the floor underneath is actually made of, as long as the sealer coating is intact, with scratches and scuffs removed, and is compatible with the new sealer to be laid.
Care must always be taken with timber floors to make sure the floor is not flooded with solution. Over-wetting a timber floor can cause swelling and permanent damage.


  • This product is classified as hazardous according to the criteria of SWA.
    • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.


Quantity: 5L

Packaging: Translucent Jug

Scent: Ammonia Odour

Colour: Clear Orange Liquid

pH: 12.5 ± 0.5


Barcode # 9326737001587
Brand AGAR
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.310m
Shipping Length 0.160m
Shipping Cubic 0.010416000m3

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