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High quality safety tested cables for the majority of vacuums and commercial cleaning machines, available in multiple colours and lengths.

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CLEANSTAR Extension Premium Lead Cable 20m 15A

Extension Lead


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Power Lead

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Commercial Leads and Cables

Powering Your Operations with Precision - Leads and Cables at Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies

Introduction: Ensure seamless power distribution and connectivity with Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies' Leads and Cables collection. From versatile extension leads to robust vacuum cables, our range includes 10 amp and 15 amp cables, providing reliable solutions for all your power needs. Explore our selection for efficient and safe power distribution in your workspace.

Discover Our Leads and Cables:

Extension Leads: Empower your operations with our extension leads. Designed for versatility, these leads provide additional reach for your electrical devices, allowing flexibility in arranging workspaces.

Vacuum Cables: Optimize your cleaning equipment with our vacuum cables. Built for durability, these cables ensure a consistent power supply for vacuum cleaners, facilitating efficient and uninterrupted cleaning processes.

10 Amp and 15 Amp Cables: Choose from our range of cables with varying amp capacities to match the power requirements of your equipment. Whether it's a 10 amp cable for standard use or a robust 15 amp cable for heavier applications, Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies has you covered.

Key Features:

  • Safety First: Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies prioritizes safety, providing leads and cables that meet industry standards for electrical safety.

  • Versatile Solutions: Our leads and cables cater to a variety of applications, from powering cleaning equipment to extending reach for electronic devices.

  • Durable Construction: Invest in durability with our leads and cables, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting power solution for your workspace.

Why Choose Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies for Leads and Cables?

  • Expert Recommendations: Rely on our expertise to guide you in selecting the right leads and cables for your specific power requirements.

  • Quality Assurance: Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies guarantees the quality and safety compliance of every lead and cable, providing peace of mind in your electrical setups.

  • Efficient Power Distribution: Enhance the efficiency of your operations with our leads and cables, designed to meet the diverse power needs of commercial and industrial spaces.

Shop Now for Reliable Power Solutions: Explore our Leads and Cables collection and experience the Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies difference. Power your workspace with precision, safety, and durability using our high-quality leads and cables. Invest in quality, invest in Erina Warehouse Cleaning Supplies.

10 Amp Extensions | 15 Amp Extensions | IEC Lead

Brands: Cleanstar, Pacvac

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