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STERLING Rhinogrip Scraper - 25mm


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STERLING Rhinogrip Scraper - 38mm


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STERLING Scraper Blade - 94mm x10

Scraper Blade Refill

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STERLING Yellow Scraper


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Sterling Products:

Shaping Excellence in Custom Plastic Solutions

If you live in Australia, you've undoubtedly seen the distinctive Sterling Products sign, a symbol of quality and innovation. For over 30 years, Sterling Products has been at the forefront of the industry, proudly producing custom plastic products with unique designs and fabrication methods. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Sterling Products has become a cornerstone for ease of distribution throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific regions.

Passion and Pride in Craftsmanship

At Sterling Products, every sign, every piece, and every project is a testament to the care and attention invested in its creation. The commitment to excellence has established Sterling Products as a leader in the market. The company takes pride in successful professional partnerships with numerous Australian and international business organizations, a testament to its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

A Legacy of Custom Plastic Expertise

Under the leadership of Paul P Leisemann, Senior Director and Founder, Sterling Products has evolved into a successful operation. Specializing in custom plastic products for three decades, Sterling Products stands out with its fabrication featuring unique designs and methods. The company's wealth of practical experience and industry knowledge has contributed to the satisfaction of end-users.

"Sterling Products assures our clients integrity and aims to ensure they are always comfortable with their selections from the range at Sterling Products."
– Paul P Leisemann (Senior Director/Founder)

Comprehensive Services for Architectural and Corporate Projects

Sterling Products isn't just a manufacturer; it's a partner in success for its clients. The company offers a comprehensive service, including project management, site audit, conceptual design, manufacture and fabrication, installation and maintenance, and storage facilities. With an in-house team of designers, project managers, fabricators, craftspeople, and site installation teams, Sterling Products is equipped to deliver on architectural and corporate projects of any size or complexity.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Sterling Products is committed to environmental awareness and sustainability. The company implements recycling measures at every stage, separating and recycling all possible materials, off-cuts, and remnants. With a focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling, Sterling Products takes its planetary responsibility seriously.

Quality Assurance and Workplace Safety

Quality is paramount at Sterling Products. ISO accreditation ensures best practices in policies and procedures at every stage of development and production. The company values long-term relationships and high-quality work. Workplace health and safety are prioritized, with compliant machinery certifications for on-site work and regular staff training to maintain the highest safety standards.

Secure Storage Solutions

In addition to its manufacturing prowess, Sterling Products provides comprehensive and secure ATM and general storage solutions at its Brisbane warehouse. Located beside the workshops, the storage facilities offer easy access for design and engineering staff, allowing quick reference, revision, refurbishment, and secure decommissioning.

Sterling Products: Where Innovation Meets Integrity

Sterling Products isn't just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. From custom plastic solutions to environmental responsibility and secure storage, Sterling Products continues to shape the industry with a legacy of craftsmanship and dedication to its clients' success.