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SORBO 14"/ 350mm 2 Sided Replacement US Made

Squeegee Rubber

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SORBO 16"/ 400mm 2 Sided Replacement US Made

Squeegee Rubber

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SORBO 18"/ 450mm 2 Sided Replacement US Made

Squeegee Rubber

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SORBO 22"/ 550mm 2 Sided Replacement US Made

Squeegee Rubber

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SORBO 8"/ 200mm 2 Sided Replacement US Made S

Squeegee Rubber

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SORBO Window Channel with Plugs - 8" / 20cm

Squeegee Channel

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SORBO Window channel with plugs 14'' / 35c

Squeegee Channel

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SORBO Window channel with plugs 16'' / 40c

Squeegee Channel

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SORBO Window channel with plugs 18" / 45cm

Squeegee Channel

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Sorbo Professional Window Cleaning Products:

Pioneering Excellence in Window Cleaning for Over 130 Years

In the world of window cleaning, Sorbo stands tall as the originator of high-performance, industry-changing tools. More than just a brand, Sorbo is a legacy of innovation, challenging the status quo with a relentless pursuit of perfection. The difference lies in the Sorbo spirit – where inventing something is not just a task; it's about transforming an entire industry.

The Origin of Excellence: The Wide-Body Squeegee

Before Sorbo Samuelsson's groundbreaking invention, the 3×4® Adjustable squeegee channel, known as the Wide-Body Squeegee, the window cleaning industry believed it had reached perfection. However, Sorbo's fresh perspective and out-of-the-box thinking shattered these notions. He proved that improvement was not just possible but necessary. The Wide-Body Squeegee made a window cleaner's job easier and more profitable, birthing a new line of products that revolutionized window cleaning.

Innovations That Define Sorbo

Sorbo's impact goes beyond inventions; it's about changing the way window cleaning is done. The Multi-Squeegee® made cleaning French windows half as labor-intensive, challenging conventional wisdom. The Tricket® transformed the cleaning of louvered windows, and the Eliminator® allowed one simple stroke to clean large expanses of storefront glass. These innovations emerged from Sorbo's desire to simplify window cleaning from the perspective of real window cleaners.

The Last of the Initial Window Cleaner Breed

Sorbo Samuelsson, the last of the initial window cleaner breed, has become one of the biggest names in the industry. His journey includes inventing and manufacturing the most innovative window cleaning equipment, shaping the landscape of the profession.

About Sorbo Products Inc.: A Legacy of Passion for Excellence

Founded by Sorbo Samuelsson, who operated a successful window cleaning business in Palm Desert, CA, Sorbo Products Inc. was born out of a passion for delivering the best service while staying competitive and profitable. In the early 1980s, Sorbo realized that the tools benefiting his business could benefit others, leading to the creation of Sorbo Products Inc.

While Sorbo Products Inc. has achieved financial success, the passion for excellence has never wavered. It's about quality over higher revenues. The company hand-picks dealers and distributors who align with the Sorbo principles, even if it means having vocal critics.

Game-Changing Excellence: The 3×4 Adjustable Squeegees

Nothing defines Sorbo more than the game-changing line of 3×4 adjustable squeegees. Extruded from aluminum, it's more rigid than traditional stamped brass channels, allowing for channels up to an astounding 78 inches long. This design, conceived by the Godfather of the Wide-Body squeegee, sparked a revolution in the window-cleaning industry.

Sorbo: Where Legacy Meets Innovation

Sorbo's legacy is not just about the past 130 years but about shaping the future of window cleaning. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sorbo continues to redefine the industry, leaving an indelible mark on every window it touches.