Diversey Products

DIVERSEY 750mL Taski Tapi Spotter

Carpet Stain Remover

SKU: 100835166

RRP $24.95


DIVERSEY CCS extraction cleaner

Fabric Cleaner

SKU: 739152

RRP $45.95


DIVERSEY Clearclean Plus E9e - 5L


SKU: 5487073

RRP $49.95


DIVERSEY Cream R7 - 500mL

Cream Cleaner

SKU: 7510903

RRP $12.95


RRP $236.95


DIVERSEY Degresan - 750mL

Kitchen Cleaner/Sanitiser

SKU: hh15525

RRP $19.95


DIVERSEY Diverclean C3 - 5L

All Purpose Cleaner

SKU: 5687411

RRP $79.95


DIVERSEY Glance - 5L

Multipurpose Cleaner - Glass

SKU: 5751153

RRP $34.95


DIVERSEY Glance - 750ml

Multipurpose Cleaner - Glass

SKU: 5751161

RRP $14.95



DIVERSEY Glance HC Jfill - 2.5L

Glass Cleaner

SKU: 3172641

RRP $299.95


RRP $249.95


DIVERSEY Go Getter - 5L

Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner

SKU: 5687462

RRP $65.95


DIVERSEY Go Getter - 750mL

Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner

SKU: 739310

RRP $29.95


DIVERSEY Go Getter Labelled Bottle - 750mL

Empty Bottle

SKU: 25106672

RRP $4.50


DIVERSEY Reveal - 5L

Floor Cleaner

SKU: 5687526

RRP $59.95



DIVERSEY Revive - 5L

Floor Cleaner

SKU: 5687542

RRP $59.95



DIVERSEY Revive Plus - 1L

Floor Cleaner

SKU: 92974600

RRP $24.95


DIVERSEY Shield Citrus - 5L

Disinfectant - Commercial Grade

SKU: 5687577

RRP $39.95


DIVERSEY Shield Pine Commercial Disinfectant - 5L

Disinfectant - Commercial Grade

SKU: 5687585

RRP $39.95


DIVERSEY Snapback - 5L

Floor Buff

SKU: 5687606

RRP $49.95


DIVERSEY Stride Citrus HC - 2.5L

Floor Cleaner - No Rinse

SKU: 904716

RRP $351.95


DIVERSEY Strip plus - 5L

Floor Stripper - Additive

SKU: HH15303

RRP $149.95


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DIVERSEY Suma light D1.2 - 5L

Dishwashing Liquid - Hand

SKU: 4626140

RRP $39.95


RRP $9.95


DIVERSEY Taski Swingo 350 E

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Machine


RRP $9,000.00


DIVERSEY Taski Tapi Extract C1b - 5L

Carpet Cleaner

SKU: 100835154

RRP $99.95


DIVERSEY Taski Tapi Shampoo C2C - 5L

Carpet Shampoo

SKU: 100835155

RRP $74.95


DIVERSEY Twister Diamond Green 430mm (17") Floor Pad

Floor Pad for Machines

SKU: D5871029

RRP $185.00


DIVERSEY Vectra - 5L

Floor Finish

SKU: 5687631

RRP $69.95


DIVERSEY View Quick - 5L

Floor Cleaner - No Rinse

SKU: 5687649

RRP $36.00



DIVERSEY Wipeout - 5L

Stain Remover

SKU: 5687665

RRP $89.95


DIVERSEY wipeout Jill Fill - 2.5L

High Strength Cleaner

SKU: HH15544

RRP $299.95


Welcome to Diversey Products:

A Solenis Company: Beyond Clean, Taking Care of What's Precious

At Diversey, now proudly under the Solenis umbrella, the mission is clear: to go beyond clean and take care of what's precious. In a world grappling with increasing resource scarcity, including water, energy, materials, and labor, Diversey is committed to achieving more with less for the well-being of current and future generations.

A Commitment to Hygiene and Sustainability

Diversey stands behind every committed leader and employee across various industries, recognizing that hygiene and infection prevention are imperative for businesses, customers, reputation, and the environment. Their determination to care for precious resources and genuine concern for people, customers, and the environment set them apart.

100 Years of Innovation and Expertise

With a legacy spanning over 100 years, Diversey has continually refined its suite of solutions, encompassing patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis. Their comprehensive sustainable range combines industry-leading expertise and passion with the latest innovations to deliver effective, seamless, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

Building Strong Bonds for Maximum Impact

As a trusted solutions partner, Diversey collaborates closely with customers, building strong bonds to maximize impact and care for their assets, environments, and people. The brand's name has become synonymous with quality and trust, thanks to its trusted history of providing leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions that safeguard the future of the planet while taking care of businesses, customers, and reputations.

Brand Values: Caring, Trust, Innovation

  • Taking Care of What's Precious: Diversey believes in caring for customers, the people they represent and service, and the planet we rely on for a vibrant life. Their work helps partners meet sustainability targets while creating a better world and future for all.

  • Earning Trust: Diversey upholds a responsibility to customers, ensuring transparency, delivering quality, and innovative solutions. They value the trust placed in them for hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions, making tough choices for the good of business and people.

  • Purposeful Innovation: With a long history, Diversey understands the importance of adaptation, evolution, and innovation. Their determination drives them to continuously improve, setting high standards and committing to purposeful innovation for a better future.

At Diversey - A Solenis Company, the journey is ongoing – going beyond clean to take care of what's precious for future generations.