AGAR Chloradet - 5L

Chloradet - 5L


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AGAR Chloradet - Hospital Grade Disinfectant/Heavy Duty Detergent - 5L

Elevate your cleaning routine with AGAR Chloradet, a concentrated, high-foaming cleaner with a bleaching action. Because it offers a very effective method of killing undesirable microorganisms (germs, bacteria, etc.), CHLORADET is an excellent sanitiser.

What's In It?

CHLORADET is a premium blend of grease-cutting anionic surfactants, foaming agents, caustic alkali, builders and buffers together with sodium hypochlorite which attacks and bleaches all types of soilage.

How Does It Work?

CHLORADET contains available chlorine which is present in solution in the form of sodium hypochlorite and hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is a powerful germ-killing agent which kills bacteria/germs. CHLORADET also contains caustic alkali and detergents to provide an excellent cleaning action. It will remove cooking fats, smoke films, greasy marks, carbon deposits, food spills, mould, and other soilage found in food preparation areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Excellent for removing in-grained dirt from ceramic tiles.

How To Use It

General Use Dilution:

Light Soilage: Dilute 1:160 Chloradet:Water (6mL per litre)

Regular Cleaning: Dilute 1:50 Chloradet:Water (20mL per litre)

Medium Soil: 1:20 Chloradet:Water (50mL per litre)

Heavy Soil: 1:10 Chloradet:Water (100mL per litre)

Use neat to remove oil or grease spots, scuff marks, and hard to shift spills.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Dilution:

Dilute 1:12 Chloradet:Water (Not for use on medical devices or other therapeutic goods)

Please note that weaker solutions require warmer water to maintain the effectiveness of the sanitising action of Chloradet.

Where To Use It

All surfaces not harmed by water and chlorine including walls, ceilings, unpolished tiled floors, baths, showers, glass and porcelain. Effective cleaner for removing mildew, mould and fatty or soapy build-ups from tiles, grouting, baths, basins and shower recesses. Do not use it for cleaning aluminium or alkali-sensitive polished floors.


  • NEVER MIX Chloradet WITH ANY OTHER CHEMICALS, especially acids, as this may produce toxic chlorine gas or other poisons.
  • Pre-test the Chloradet solution on aluminium surfaces to ensure they are not affected. Normally it will be ok.
  • Avoid splashing Chloradet on clothing as it will burn holes in cotton and other fabrics.
    Chloradet is corrosive to the skin – wear protective gloves, clothing and safety glasses as shown in the SDS.


Quantity: 5L

Packaging: Black Jug

Scent: Chlorine

Colour: Clear to Pale Yellow-Green Liquid

pH: 12.0 - 14.0 (as supplied)


Barcode # 9326737001242
Brand AGAR
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.310m
Shipping Length 0.160m
Shipping Cubic 0.010416000m3

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